Keita kurosaka - PROFILE

He was born in Tokyo 1956, he graduated from Department of Painting in Musashino Art University.


His making style, it is mainly drawing techniques, with a variety of styles including figurative and abstract. In some cases, he performing a live painting activities by collaborating with other artists.


His first long animation film “MIDORI-KO “ was screened not only Japan, but also over the world. 


And he also supervised music clips “AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS “(2006), “RINKAKU “(2012) by DIR EN GREY.

His works received an award in film festivals over the world and are screened in a special feature.


Main workings:

"Sea Roar"(1988), "MIDORI-KO" (2010), the music clip for "RINKAKU"(2012), "The Living Wall" (2020)



Professor: Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences in Musashino Art University 



Part-time teacher: Oil Painting Course of Factory of Art in Kanazawa College of Art